Frequently asked questions about online courses at Mineola Bible Institute for undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Q: How long has MBIS been in ministry and how many graduates are there?

A: Mineola Bible Institute is an outgrowth and affiliate program of Cypress Bible Institute in Van, Texas. The Lord burdened Bishop D.R. Vestal, PhD to begin Cypress Bible Institute in 1991. Since that time, he has enrolled and/or graduated some 1000 students.

Q: How large is your campus?

A: MBIS operates strictly from the “college without walls” model using well proven distance educational study methods.

Q: What is the official doctrinal position of the Mineola Bible Institute and Seminary?

A: We are an apostolic, Pentecostal, teaching ministry. Our full Statement of Faith can be found on our website or in the Student Handbook.

Q: Does MBIS issue degrees?

A: Yes! MBIS issues degrees by exemption in the State of Texas.

Q: God has called me as a minister, but I know very little about it. Will your program equip me properly for that?

A: Yes! This program is very thorough; written by a minister especially for ministers. Several courses will lead you “by the hand” step by step with clear, easy to follow instructions on how to study, prepare, and preach sermons, how to baptize, conduct weddings, funerals, child dedications, communion services, and much more.

Q: Where can I view the curriculum for the degree programs?

A: There is a full description of our courses in the Student handbook (.pdf), or you can Click Here for our Online Course Descriptions.

Q: Why do you use the King James Bible exclusively?

A: While courses may be done with any translation, we encourage the use of the KJV for its richness, immutability, trustworthiness, and manuscript authority. If you don’t have one, we highly encourage you to obtain an “Old Scofield Study Bible” in the KJV. One can be purchased for around $20 from Christian Book Distributors [].

Q. Why a Scofield Bible? Don’t you disagree with its doctrinal stances?

A. While there are many areas in which we disagree with the doctrinal positions and notes of the Scofield Bible, the fact remains, it is virtually unsurpassed in the usefulness of its reference system. The Chain References, Topical Index, Names Index, Subject Index and comprehensive Concordance provide an extensive library of study and reference materials. The doctrinal positions of the Institute are clearly stated in our Statement of Faith and thoroughly taught in our course materials, so there is no confusion as to what we believe. (In brief, the Old Scofield Bible is recommended for its study system and not its doctrinal teachings).

Q: Can I receive credit for courses taken through other schools or from my ministry experience?

A: Yes, you can! You need to fill out the information requested in the Life Experience Portfolio (available upon request). Once evaluated, this will give you Advanced Standing into the next higher degree track. Example: if you enroll in the 60 hour Associate degree study track with (let’s say) 60 hours of transferrable credits (college and life experience per analysis), you will have accumulated 120 hours upon completion and thus be eligible for a Bachelor of Theology (Th.B) rather than an Associate of Theology (Th.A) degree.

Q: Are text materials included in the cost of these programs.

A: Yes! Aside from your central textbook, the Bible, all necessary course materials are included in our low tuition price. There are no extra or hidden costs!

Q: What forms of payment are available?

A: We accept Checks, Western Union M.O.’s as well as Visa, Mastercard, etc, via Stripe or PayPal. All Foreign students MUST pay by Western Union Money Order or PayPal.

Q: Will you accept payments?

A: No. Due to the extremely low cost of our tuition, all courses must be paid in full before course materials will be sent out.

Q: How can you keep your costs so low?

A: If we could manage, we wouldn’t charge at all! However, every school must pay expenses. Most charge per credit hour fees or yearly tuition most of our students can’t afford. No one here draws a full-time salary, plus we don’t have buildings and stadiums to maintain. We have, since 1991, invested the Lord’s money in ministry to people wherever possible.

Q: What are the steps for enrollment?

A: Fill out the Student Enrollment Application and write your essay, complete the LEP, where appropriate, read, mark, and sign the Student Release and return them all including your Application Fee and Tuition to MBI.