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Master of Theology - Bible Doctrine I

Bible Doctrine I

This course covers: Elohim & the plural passages of Scripture, the sons of God in Genesis, Yahweh or Jesus, is Jesus God the Father, the dual nature of Christ.

Master of Theology - Bible Doctrine II

Bible Doctrine II

This course covers: The Logos, the vision of St. Stephen, the question of titles, plural pronouns used for God, the voice & the dove at Christ’s baptism, understanding the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Master of Theology - Bible Doctrine III

Bible Doctrine III

This course covers: Was it possible for Jesus to sin?, Justification & Sanctification, the prayers of Jesus.

Master of Theology - Bible Doctrine IV

Bible Doctrine IV

This course covers: The originality of Matthew 28:19, A close examination of Matthew 28:19 in light of early Christian writers, the development of the Trinity doctrine, the Godhead, is the Trinity fact or fiction?

Master of Theology - Bible Standards

Bible Standards

This course deals with Bible holiness, concepts of dress, jewelry, hair, the role of women in the church, ministerial authority, and legalism.

Master of Theology - Bibliology


This course covers subjects such as The nature of inspiration, Biblical languages, A history of the English Bible, How we get our Bible, Defending the inerrancy and canon of Scripture, Bible Translations, The NIV, etc.

Master of Theology - Christology


This course covers: The meaning of Christ’s death, discovered Soteriologically, the deity of Christ, the humanity of Christ, the hypostatic union, the kenosis, the work of Christ, the relation of Jesus to the Father, the glorification of the Son.

Master of Theology - Hebrew


This course acquaints the student with the basics of the Hebrew alphabet and vowels.

Master of Theology - Hermenuetics


This course deals with the Principles and Processes of Biblical Interpretation, Subjects included are: Historical-Cultural and Contextual Analysis, Lexical-Syntactical Analysis, Theological Analysis, Special Literary Methods, and Applying the Biblical Message.

Master of Theology - Master's Themes and Thesis

Master’s Themes and Thesis

Students not planning on pursuing the doctoral program may elect the theme option. A total of 10 themes are required for the Old Testament using four reference works, plus 10 themes for the New Testament.
Those students planning to enter the doctoral program must elect the thesis option.

Master of Theology - Pneumatology


This Course covers: The baptism of the Holy Spirit, Speaking in tongues, the study of the diversity of tongues, the evidence of tongues, the nature of the Spirit, How to distinguish between soul and Spirit, the name of Jesus Christ.

Master of Theology - Supernatural Healing

Supernatural Healing

A course designed to lead the student into a deeper dimension of the Spirit. Looking for a clearer understanding of divine healing? Faithful to the scriptures, this course reveals God's promises of healing, presented in a simple, most inspiring experience.

Master of Theology - Textual Criticism I

Textual Criticism I

This course covers the Hebrew Text of the Old Testament, The Greek Texts of the New Testament.

Master of Theology - Textual Criticism II

Textual Criticism II

This course covers introduction to Church History, Catholic doctrine of the Trinity, the names of God and many other topics.

Master of Theology - The English Bible and its Development

The English Bible and its Development

This course covers the Latin Bible, the Gutenberg Bible, the Tyndale Bible, the Coverdale Bible, the Great Bible, the Geneva Bible, the Bishop’s Bible, the King James Bible, and the New versions of today.

Master of Theology - The King James Bible

The King James Bible

This course was written by James Jackson and deals with the origin of the KJV Bible. It shows the superiority of the King James over the other Bible translations

Master of Theology - The Name and the Anointing

The Name and the Anointing

This course deals with the Holy Ghost baptism, and the Name of Jesus Christ.

Master of Theology - Theology I

Theology I

This course covers demonology and subjects concerning the Church.

Master of Theology - Theology II

Theology II

This course covers angelology and the 7 divisions of the periods of the Old Testament.