Doctor of Philosophy

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Course Description:

This rigorous Doctorate of Philosophy course is designed to cultivate advanced scholarship and expertise in Biblical Theology and Hermeneutics. Aspiring scholars in this program will engage in a profound exploration of the biblical text, delving into its theological depth and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the principles of interpretation.

Course Objectives:

  1. Advanced Biblical Exegesis: Students will develop advanced skills in the exegetical analysis of biblical texts, exploring linguistic, historical, and literary aspects to uncover the nuances of the original meaning.
  2. Theological Synthesis: This course encourages students to synthesize theological insights from various biblical genres, periods, and authors. Emphasis will be placed on constructing a cohesive and nuanced theological framework rooted in scriptural foundations.
  3. Hermeneutical Principles: Students will critically examine and apply various hermeneutical approaches, considering historical, cultural, and literary contexts. The goal is to develop a nuanced and sophisticated understanding of the interpretive process.
  4. Biblical Theology: An in-depth exploration of the development and interconnectedness of theological themes throughout the biblical narrative. Students will analyze the unfolding of God’s redemptive plan and the continuity and discontinuity within the biblical canon.
  5. Contemporary Relevance: The course will explore the application of biblical theology and hermeneutics to contemporary issues, guiding students in the integration of biblical principles into modern contexts, ethical dilemmas, and cultural challenges.
  6. Research Methodology: Students will refine their research skills, including critical analysis, literature review, and the formulation of research questions. They will be guided in the production of high-quality, original research contributing to the field of biblical studies.
  7. Dissertation Development: As the capstone of the program, students will embark on a substantial research project, producing a doctoral dissertation that makes a significant contribution to the understanding of biblical theology and hermeneutics.

This course is designed for scholars aspiring to contribute to the academic community through advanced research, publication, and teaching. Graduates will emerge with a deep and nuanced understanding of biblical theology and hermeneutics, equipped to engage with the complexities of the biblical text and make meaningful contributions to theological scholarship.