Associate Degree – Keys to Effective Ministry


Course Title: Keys to Effective Ministry

Course Description:
Why settle for adequate when you can be first-rate? There is no shortage of ministers who desire to achieve excellence. But only a few dare to demand it of themselves. In this clear call to action, Dr. Larry Yates shows how to turn that inner desire into a firm decision to be all that God has called you to be. No matter what area of God’s service you’re in, these seven proven keys will help you be the best you can be.



Course Description: Keys to Effective Ministry

Unlock the profound principles of effective ministry with our Bible college course, “Keys to Effective Ministry.” In this transformative journey, students will delve into seven crucial pillars that lay the foundation for impactful and purposeful service in the kingdom of God.

Dedication: A Decision, Not a Feeling

Explore the profound concept that dedication is not merely an emotional response but a deliberate and intentional choice. Delve into the importance of steadfast commitment in the face of challenges and uncertainties, learning to anchor one’s ministry in unwavering resolve.

Singleness of Purpose

Discover the power of having a clear and focused vision for ministry. This module emphasizes the significance of aligning personal and ministry goals with the divine purpose, ensuring that every action is purpose-driven and contributes to the overarching mission.
Follow the Leadership of the Holy Ghost

Uncover the secrets of spiritual discernment and the art of yielding to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Students will learn to navigate the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of ministry with a reliance on the divine wisdom and direction provided by the Holy Ghost.

Look to the Word Day and Night

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of God’s Word. This module emphasizes the necessity of a deep and consistent study of Scripture, fostering a habit of meditating on God’s truths day and night to fortify the spiritual foundation of effective ministry.

Formula for Success

Explore the biblical principles and timeless truths that form the basis of success in ministry. Understand the divine formulas that, when applied with faith and diligence, lead to the manifestation of God’s promises and the accomplishment of impactful ministry.

Strip Away All Else

Learn the art of simplicity in ministry by shedding unnecessary distractions and focusing on the core essentials. This module encourages students to strip away the superfluous and concentrate on the fundamental aspects that contribute to a fruitful and impactful ministry.

Commit Yourself to Prayer and Fasting

Gain insights into the profound spiritual disciplines of prayer and fasting. Students will explore the transformative power of these practices, understanding their role in cultivating a deeper connection with God and empowering effective ministry.
Embark on a journey that goes beyond theoretical knowledge, equipping you with practical tools and spiritual insights essential for a life of effective ministry. Join us in uncovering the keys that unlock the doors to impactful service in God’s kingdom.


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