Associate Degree – The Life of Christ


This course is an analysis of selected portions of the New Testament letters. It includes an analysis of the structure, content, historical-cultural background, and theological contribution of a portion of the letters. Additional attention will be paid to various methods and approaches to the books.



Course Title: The Life of Christ: Apostolic Perspectives on the Savior’s Journey

Course Description: Greetings, seekers of divine knowledge! Welcome to “The Life of Christ,” a transformative college course where we will embark on a captivating exploration of the earthly journey of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As your Apostolic professor, I am excited to guide you through a profound study of the life, teachings, and redemptive mission of the central figure in our faith.

This course is an invitation to walk alongside the Messiah as we delve into the Gospels, exploring the narratives that chronicle His miraculous birth, transformative ministry, and sacrificial death. Together, we will analyze the life-altering encounters, parables, and profound teachings that have shaped the course of human history.

Our journey will be enriched by Apostolic perspectives, providing insights that align with the timeless traditions of our faith. We will unravel the significance of Christ’s divine nature, the establishment of His Kingdom, and the redemptive power inherent in His sacrifice. Through in-depth discussions, scholarly analyses, and reflective assignments, we will seek to understand how the life of Christ continues to resonate with and challenge believers today.

Join me in examining the cultural and historical contexts surrounding Jesus’ earthly sojourn, and together, we will uncover the deeper meanings embedded in His actions and words. This course is not just an academic pursuit but an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth as we engage with the transformative narrative of Christ’s life.

Whether you are a theology student, a devoted follower of Apostolic teachings, or someone seeking a richer understanding of the life of Christ, this course provides a sacred space for exploration, contemplation, and discovery. Let us embark on this enlightening journey together, drawing inspiration from the life of our Savior to deepen our faith and transform our lives.



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