Associate Degree – The Gospels


A carefully researched and easy to read presentation of Apostolic Doctrine and refutation of the Doctrine of the Trinity presenting an alternative more in keeping with the Scriptures.



Course Title: The Gospels: Apostolic Perspectives on the Life and Teachings of Christ

Course Description: Step into the profound world of the Gospels with me in “The Gospels: Apostolic Perspectives on the Life and Teachings of Christ.” As your Apostolic professor, I am thrilled to guide you through an immersive exploration of the foundational texts that narrate the life, ministry, and teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

This course is a dynamic journey through the Gospel accounts, emphasizing Apostolic perspectives that delve into the heart of the Christian faith. We will meticulously analyze the unique qualities of each Gospel – Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John – uncovering their distinct narratives, theological emphases, and the cultural contexts in which they were written.

Together, we will scrutinize the teachings of Jesus, examining their relevance in the Apostolic era and drawing connections to their timeless significance for contemporary believers. From the Sermon on the Mount to the parables and miracles, we’ll explore the richness of Christ’s words and actions, understanding how they shaped the early Christian community and continue to inspire faith today.

As your guide, I will incorporate Apostolic perspectives that align with our tradition, shedding light on key theological themes and interpretations that distinguish our understanding of the Gospels. We’ll discuss the role of discipleship, the nature of the Kingdom of God, and the profound implications of Christ’s redemptive mission according to Apostolic teachings.

Engage in vibrant class discussions, collaborative reflections, and exploratory assignments designed to deepen your connection with the Gospels. Whether you’re on a theological journey or seeking a more profound understanding of your faith, “The Gospels” offers a unique opportunity to explore these sacred texts through the lens of Apostolic tradition.

Join me in this scholarly pilgrimage as we unravel the life and teachings of Jesus Christ in a way that resonates with the Apostolic legacy, fostering a deeper connection to the heart of the Christian message.


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