Associate Degree – The Divided God


A carefully researched and easy to read presentation of Apostolic Doctrine and refutation of the Doctrine of the Trinity presenting an alternative more in keeping with the Scriptures.



Course Title: The Divided God: Exploring Apostolic Doctrine and Challenging the Trinity

Course Description:
Delve into the depths of theological inquiry with “The Divided God,” a college course that meticulously explores Apostolic Doctrine while critically examining and refuting the commonly held Doctrine of the Trinity. Offering a carefully researched and accessible presentation, this course seeks to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of Apostolic beliefs, offering an alternative perspective rooted in a close examination of Scripture.

The curriculum begins by navigating the historical development of the Doctrine of the Trinity, shedding light on its evolution and the theological debates that have shaped it over centuries. Simultaneously, students will delve into the tenets of Apostolic Doctrine, tracing its roots in the early Christian Church and understanding the nuanced theological distinctions that set it apart.

Throughout the course, emphasis is placed on presenting the Apostolic perspective in a clear and reader-friendly manner. Engaging lectures, interactive discussions, and thoughtful analyses of key scriptural passages will guide students through the core principles of Apostolic Doctrine, addressing its interpretation of God’s nature, the deity of Jesus Christ, and the role of the Holy Spirit.

A key focus of “The Divided God” is the examination of the scriptural foundations that underpin Apostolic beliefs, offering a compelling case for an alternative understanding of the Godhead. Students will be encouraged to critically evaluate theological arguments, fostering a scholarly approach to the comparison between Apostolic Doctrine and the traditional Doctrine of the Trinity.

This course is ideal for theology students seeking a nuanced exploration of different Christian perspectives, as well as those interested in understanding the historical and biblical basis for various doctrinal beliefs. Engage in this thought-provoking journey that challenges traditional notions and invites a closer examination of the Divided God as presented in Apostolic Doctrine.


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