Associate Degree – The Book of Acts

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A complete survey of the Acts of the Apostles covering each chapter in detail, with introductory material detailing the background, authorship, date written, and theme.



Course Title: The Book of Acts: Unleashing the Power of the Early Church

Course Description: Embark on a dynamic exploration of the New Testament with “The Book of Acts: Unleashing the Power of the Early Church.” This college course invites students to delve into the captivating narrative of the Acts of the Apostles, a pivotal book that chronicles the birth and expansion of the early Christian Church. Through in-depth study, critical analysis, and engaging discussions, participants will gain profound insights into the historical, theological, and practical dimensions of this foundational text.

“The Book of Acts” serves as a vibrant sequel to the Gospels, providing a gripping account of the apostles’ journeys, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and the establishment of the first Christian communities. This course aims to unravel the complexities of Acts, exploring its historical context, literary style, and theological significance. Students will engage with the challenges faced by the early followers of Christ, the miracles that accompanied the preaching of the Gospel, and the growth of the Church amidst adversity.

Through a multifaceted approach, participants will examine the characters, events, and teachings found in Acts, considering their relevance to contemporary Christian life. Interactive sessions will delve into the leadership of key figures such as Peter and Paul, the missionary endeavors, and the transformative encounters with the Spirit that fueled the early Church’s expansion.

Moreover, the course will encourage students to draw connections between the narrative in Acts and the present-day Church, fostering a deeper understanding of the principles that guided the early Christians and their implications for modern believers. Whether you are pursuing a degree in theology, history, or simply seeking to deepen your understanding of the Christian faith, “The Book of Acts” provides an enriching opportunity to explore the roots of the Church and glean timeless lessons for contemporary discipleship.

Join us in this illuminating journey through the pages of Acts, where the echoes of the early Church resound, inspiring and challenging us to embody the spirit of the apostolic faith in our own time.


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