Associate Degree – Releasing the Anointing


Using the “Lord’s Prayer” as a model, learn to pray for an hour a day without repeating yourself.



Course Title: Releasing the Anointing: The Art of Extended Prayer Inspired by the Lord’s Prayer

Course Description:
Embark on a transformative spiritual journey with “Releasing the Anointing: The Art of Extended Prayer.” This unique college course invites students to explore the profound practice of prayer inspired by the timeless model of the Lord’s Prayer. Delving into the rich tapestry of sacred communication, participants will not only learn to pray for an hour a day but will also discover the art of maintaining a dynamic and meaningful conversation with the Divine without repetition.

The course centers around the Lord’s Prayer, an ancient and revered blueprint for communion with God. Through in-depth analysis and guided study, students will unravel the layers of wisdom embedded in this sacred model, gaining insights into the structure, intention, and transformative power of each component. From acknowledging the holiness of God’s name to seeking His will on earth, each phrase of the Lord’s Prayer will serve as a stepping stone towards mastering the art of extended prayer.

Building on this foundation, students will be equipped with practical tools and techniques to sustain an hour-long prayer session, fostering a deep and authentic connection with the divine. Through interactive sessions, guided meditations, and experiential exercises, participants will explore ways to keep their prayers fresh, heartfelt, and purposeful without falling into the trap of repetitive or rote supplication.

This course is not just about the quantity of time spent in prayer but emphasizes the quality and transformative nature of the prayer experience. Students will be encouraged to tap into their unique spiritual insights, exploring the nuances of their relationship with the Divine in a manner that resonates with the spirit of the Lord’s Prayer.

Whether you are a seasoned prayer warrior or a seeker taking your first steps on the path of spiritual growth, “Releasing the Anointing” offers a space to deepen your prayer life. Join us on this sacred journey where the ancient wisdom of the Lord’s Prayer becomes a gateway to an hour of profound, uninterrupted communion with the divine, igniting the release of the anointing in your life.


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