Mineola Bible Institute is pleased to announce its ministry partnership with Pastor Steve Ritchie and Global Impact Ministries.

The paramount purpose of Global Impact Ministries is to defend and to preach the whole gospel of the original apostles of Christ to the whole world before Jesus returns. Their mission is to evangelize multitudes to obey the whole gospel of Christ and to equip the saints to do the same through our free online books, articles, and videos. We encourage Pastors to share the Global Impact Ministry web site with the saints to help teach and equip them to share the gospel more effectively.

Having been in full-time ministry since 1992 Pastor Ritchie believes that the true church is not an organization, but a Body of believers united by our baptism into the name of Jesus Christ and the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Paul wrote that the church is one body by receiving the Holy Spirit, “By One Spirit are we all baptized into One Body.” Brother Ritchie wrote: “Since it is the Spirit who baptizes us into one body, it makes no sense to fragment and divide that body through Organizational separations based upon minor differences.”

Global Impact Ministries endeavors to keep the unity of the faith in the bond of peace in pursing fellowship with all Christian Believers who truly believe in the foundational doctrines of the Apostolic Faith. They will not allow organizational or non-foundational differences to block our fellowship with any apostolic brethren.

Pastor Ritchie is affiliated with the Apostolic World Christian Fellowship, which is a fellowship of ministers who are dedicated to restoring and unifying the body of Christ in preparation for our Lord’s soon return.