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God’s ultimate purpose is to redeem us both spiritually and physi­cally for His Plan of Salvation is for the whole person (I Thessalonians 5:23). Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection is not only for our salvation but for the healing of our physical bodies (Isaiah 53:5, Matthew 8:16-17). Everything that we receive today, and for eternity, is because He gave His life on the Cross for ours. As part of the atonement Jesus bought our sal­vation and our healing, and what we do not receive here, we will receive in the resurrection—a glorified, immortal body—complete in spirit, body, and soul.

The supernatural gift of faith is a godlike faith, a gift from God, allow­ing us to trust and believe in Him, or allowing us to help others to trust and believe in Him, when ordinary faith is not sufficient. It is a miracu­lous, instantaneous touch of faith which surpasses all reason, looks impossibilities in the face, and turns them into miracles. When God told His disciples in Mark 11:22-23 to “Have faith in God” he was tellingthem, “Have a Godlike faith.”