Associate Degree – The Minor Prophets

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Course Title: The Minor Prophets: Exploring the Rich Tapestry of Divine Messages

Course Description:
Embark on a captivating journey through the often overlooked yet profoundly impactful books of the Old Testament with “The Minor Prophets.” This course is intricately designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the writings of the Minor Prophets, delving into the diverse and powerful messages contained within these compact yet significant books.

The Minor Prophets, comprising twelve distinct voices, offer unique perspectives on God’s divine plan, justice, and mercy. This course aims to explore the rich tapestry of their writings, unraveling the historical contexts, literary styles, and theological themes embedded in each prophetic book. From Hosea to Malachi, we will traverse the breadth of their messages, examining the relevance of their words for both their contemporaries and today’s believers.

Through engaging discussions, textual analyses, and interpretive exercises, students will gain a deep understanding of the social, political, and religious landscapes in which the Minor Prophets operated. We will explore the challenges they addressed, the calls for repentance, and the promises of restoration that characterize their prophecies.

As we navigate through the course, we will also discuss various approaches to interpreting the Minor Prophets, drawing attention to the orthodox Protestant perspective on scripture. The methodologies used in understanding and applying the messages of these prophets will be a focal point, empowering students to navigate the nuances of these compact yet profound texts.

Whether you are a theology student, a devoted reader of scripture, or someone eager to uncover the often-overlooked gems in the Old Testament, “The Minor Prophets” offers an immersive exploration into the divine messages woven into the fabric of these influential prophetic writings. Join us in uncovering the enduring relevance and transformative power of the Minor Prophets’ messages for our lives today.

What Will You Learn?

  • In the "The Minor Prophets" course, participants will embark on a comprehensive journey to enhance their understanding and application of the Bible. The course covers essential principles and techniques for meaningful personal Bible study, including methods for interpretation, historical and cultural context, and the development of a deeper spiritual connection. Participants will explore various study tools, such as concordances, commentaries, and language resources, to aid in extracting insights from the scriptures. Emphasis is placed on fostering a disciplined and reflective approach to studying the Bible, empowering individuals to apply its teachings to their daily lives. The course aims to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to engage with the Bible on a personal level, fostering spiritual growth and a richer appreciation for the sacred text.

Course Content

The Minor Prophets | Radically Biblical, Apostolic Christianity

  • Introduction
  • The Minor Prophets
  • Final Course Essay

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