Associate Degree – Principles of Christian Living
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Course Instructions: 

Welcome to Principles of Christian Living! In this course, you will find a total of nine Chapters.  It is important to read the entire chapter before proceeding to the end. To ensure a successful learning experience, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Accessing the Textbook
Click on the provided link in each lesson to access the textbook, this will open a new page, or if you prefer to read the lessons off of each lesson page then do so. . Make sure you have a compatible PDF reader installed on your device to view the content.

Step 2: Reading the Chapter
Each chapter consists of 9 pages of valuable information related to the course material. Take your time to read and understand the content thoroughly.

Step 3: Asking Questions
If you have any questions or need clarification on any topic covered in the lesson, feel free to contact us through the comment box located at the top of the page. Our course instructors will be available to assist you and provide further guidance.

Important Notes:
Once you have finished reading all 9 chapters you will be required to write a 5-page paper explaining what was learned in the course. During the course, discussion questions will be given and students must respond. Points will be given which will count toward the degree. The final paper must be in MLA format.

It is crucial to read all 9 Chapters before attempting the write your 5 page paper to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the material.

Pace yourself throughout the course to allow for effective comprehension and retention of the content.
Take breaks as needed, but try to maintain a consistent study schedule to stay on track with the course timeline.
We wish you an engaging and successful learning experience in Principles of Christian Living. Should you have any concerns or technical difficulties, please contact our support team for assistance.


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